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Wamchu Directory Have New Look

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Wamchu directory has been updated and bought to new age.  It has been updated to latest PHPLD 3.2 script from an old modified script and it also has a new design.  All the listing has been imported into the new script.  I have tried my best to keep all the existing listing position as it is but it was difficult and some of the position may have changed but majority of them as it is.  If anybodies listing has changed in position dramatically please contact me and I will try to fix. 

I have also kept the categories structure same as old directory categories structure with .html extensions, so there is no loss of PR for these categories.  One of the things I was not able to do was importing the Home Page impression into the new script and therefore, this has drop.  This was notified in the old wamchu directory for last three months when submission was taken for new listing.  If anybody lost any home page impressions all I can do is apologise as this feature in not provided in the new script. 

One of the new features of this directory is providing deep link to new submission where other pages from submitted URL can be adding to the listing.  Existing site deep link can be added for small extra cost. 

Please contact me and I will add it manually.  Automatic feature for adding deep link to existing site may be added later. 

In time I will add more features to this directory to make it better. 

I will keep the old directory live for next three months and can be access from here 


Upgrade of Wamchu Business Directory

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

The desgin and the script of  Wamchu Business Directory is currently being upgraded. As a result home page impresstion will be lost and you may not get your allociated amount of home page impresstions. The new improve design has many additional features which may be benefit to the sites submitted.

Also after the upgrade of Wamchu Directory. I will upgrade other two of my directory. Aeoma Directory and Took the Lead Directory and therefore the home page impresstion will be also lost

Propose Upgrade Date which may change.

Wamchu Business Directory   25th September 2007

Aeoma Directory - 30th Number 2007

Took the Lead Directory - 31st January 2008